Wild Earth Allies

Wild Earth Allies is a global non-profit supporting local organizations and individuals protecting the natural world, wildlife and habitats.

How It Started

Since 1981, Wild Earth Allies has been at the forefront of wildlife protection and habitat preservation. Founded on the mission to protect vital areas of our natural world, their work has helped create healthy sustainable ecosystems for the most at-risk wildlife. For the last 40 years, they’ve inspired collaborative action across a global network of conservation partners.

From fighting illegal wildlife trade to supporting local initiatives preserving natural resources. Wild Earth Allies is leading the way in wildlife protection and natural sustainability.

How It's Going

Creating real impact with campaigns & global initiatives

Marine Turtle Conservation

The population of marine turtles is facing severe threats from poaching and destructive fishing practices. In places like the eastern pacific, if declining numbers continue many vulnerable and endangered species could be lost entirely. Working closely with global partners, marine habitats and key species can be monitored, protected and preserved. With independent nest protection and hatcheries, long-term marine turtle conservation is possible.

Threatened Trees

With an estimated 10,000 tree species facing the danger of extinction due to over-harvesting and the effects of climate change. There is no time to wait in increasing awareness and capacity to effectively protect trees. As the lungs of the planet, losing any of these endangered tree species will affect everyone. More effort and targeted conservation action are needed to prevent certain threatened species from extinction.

Wildlife Protection

From great apes to Asian elephants, conserving endangered wildlife in their natural habitats is crucial to preventing the extinction of these truly remarkable creatures. With collaborative engagement and investment, the mountain gorilla population has nearly doubled in size. Asian elephants play a critical role in threatened ecosystems, so preventing losses is crucial to the wider ecology. Successful conservation projects require the installation and monitoring of camera traps in partner local organization sanctuaries. Providing all the protection our endangered species need.

The Mission

Wild Earth Allies is a global charity working collaboratively with local organizations to protect, prevent and preserve endangered wildlife and habitats in a sustainable, respectful, culturally sensitive way.

Want to get involved?

Wild Earth Allies has campaigns and preservation projects running across the globe. Whether you’ve been an advocate for change for years or simply looking for the right cause to support. Find out more about how you help and make a difference on the WEA website.