The Ocean Foundation

The Ocean Foundation is the only community foundation solely for the ocean, supporting sustainable solutions that promote healthy ocean ecosystems.

How It Started

Since the early 2000s, the Ocean Foundation has been on a mission to support organizations dedicated to reversing the destruction of ocean environments around the world. By raising millions of dollars each year, the foundation has supported ocean conservation across the world.

From building marine conservation communities to advancing ocean literacy, the Ocean Foundation is dedicated to protecting the world ocean. With corporations to private donors, the foundation’s work is making a lasting difference.

How It's Going

Commitment to real impact & sustainable solutions

Redesigning Plastics Initiative

Plastic can be seen in almost every kind of product. An unfortunate truth is that can be found throughout our oceans too. From the salt spray of waves crashing on the shore to the pacific water column. Microplastics are just as dangerous, causing harm to seabirds, fish, shellfish and even corals. To help limit the impact of plastic pollution, Ocean Foundation is campaigning for new legislation for safer plastic manufacturing processes.

Moving away from complex, potentially contaminating plastic to Safe, Simple and Standardized will benefit our oceans and communities that depend on them.

Sustainable Aquaculture

Each year there is around 170 billion pounds of wild fish and shellfish caught from our great oceans. To support demand from the growing 7.7 billion population, projects and investments in sustainable aquaculture could be part of the much-needed solution. But with the lack of current regulations and standard practices, aquaculture hasn’t been optimized to meet those potential future demands. And with wild fish stocks declining, sustainable farming is becoming increasingly important for future food security.

Blue Resilience Initiative

The effects of climate change are being seen most severely across coastal communities with extreme weather events causing widespread loss and displacement. The impact that catastrophic storms and flooding can have on those most at risk can be devastating. But as the number of people exposed to extreme weather continues to grow the blue resilience initiative is focused on promoting cutting edge solutions and strategies to better manage the unpredictability of extreme weather.

The Mission

Ocean Foundation is a global nonprofit dedicated to supporting organizations and initiatives that offer innovative sustainable solutions promoting healthy ocean ecosystems, reversing the destruction of ocean environments to the benefit of human communities around the world.

Want to get involved?

The Ocean Foundation has ways to support, partner and participate in their global initiatives. Whether you’ve been an advocate for change for years or simply looking for the right cause to support. Find out more about how you help and make a difference on the Ocean Foundation’s website.