Sustainability at Artgenik

Environmental Printing

Our use of water-based printing products ensures they are solvent-free and don’t pose any threat to the environment.

Artgenik has received the GreenGuard Gold certification, which indicates that products such as inks, printed substrates, and the combination of both for indoor applications contribute to healthier indoor environments by minimizing potential exposure to airborne chemicals.

Energy Efficient

We use HP Latex to get the most out of the products we use. Because fulfillment requires using many raw materials, minimizing waste is an integral part of green printing. We use our software and manufacturing procedures to get the most out of the materials we use.

The tools we use are certified for superior energy efficiency recognized in many countries, including the US, Taiwan, the EU, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, where products sold to governments need to hold the ENERGY STAR® badge. 

Reducing Carbon Footprint

With several locations worldwide, we can meet our clients’ needs in many countries around the world. Our products are always manufactured at the facility closest to the consumer, making for shorter shipping distances and reduced carbon emissions.

With 10 global print fulfillment facilities in 6 countries, we can provide eco-friendly products at a competitive price and reduced environmental effects. Our automated system always finds the best solution to ensure the distance covered and resources used will be as slim as possible.

Reduced & Recyclable Packaging

We use folder boxes only slightly larger than the print inside. Not only does it reduce the use of cardboard and wrapping tape, but additionally lowers shipping costs. While being eco-friendly and cost-effective, we work hard to ensure that our canvas quality remains uncompromised.

Corrugated cardboard is structurally safer, reducing the risk of damage during transit. In addition to that, all of our packages can be recycled after it has been used, considerably reducing waste products. 

Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing

Our in-house software workflow creates an all-digital process that uses no paper tickets for tracking jobs. We arrange imagery to reduce unnecessary waste during printing, exclusively utilizing the latest HP Latex printers meeting the latest standards. 

Each fulfillment center has implemented corporate social responsibilities, like switching to LED lighting, decreasing water waste, and implementing recycling programs for paper, plastic, and glass. Additionally, all ink waste is disposed of to meet stringent environmental regulations and empty ink cartridges are returned to the manufacturer to be recycled.

For our canvases, stretcher bars, frames, and wood mounts, we use sustainable wood from renewable forests (FSC certified) grown to maximize the yield, reducing waste during production. FSC certification ensures that wood harvested from forests are responsibly managed and provide environmental, social and economic benefits.


All of these practices allow us to make our products as green as possible.