We at Artgenik combine the beauty of art with giving back, allowing you to buy various artworks from some of the most talented artists, while making the world a better place at the same time. For each artwork purchased, 2% of the purchase price will be automatically donated out of our own pockets to be disbursed equally to our partnered charities to support environmental sustainability.

Have a favorite cause in mind that you want to support? We can do that too. Find the non-profit charity and we will donate 2% of the purchase price out of our own pockets at no cost to you to the the cause.


We partner with talented artists to offer memorable artworks that you can display at your home, gift to somebody you care about or use it to further spread the word of "Art for Causes."


When buying an artwork you like, we will donate 2% of the purchase price to a non-profit charity of your choice. By default, the proceeds will automatically go to our carefully curated cause portfolio to support environmental sustainability.


We always make sure that the impact made by your donations will be long-lasting and the causes are relevant to problems we are facing in today’s world to use every cent efficiently.




On the artwork product page, you will see a "your purchase of this product donates $(X amount) to support Environmental Sustainability" section before adding to cart.


Select one of the featured portfolio causes, leave it by default to support our partnered causes or search to find a cause of your own you would like to support.


We will donate 2%! of your purchase at no cost to you out of our own pockets!



Browse and purchase any of our artworks and be one step closer to making the world a better place for today and future generations to come.

Track your donations and total impact by signing up for a free ShoppingGives account.