Environmental and Energy Study Institute

The Environmental & Energy Study Institute supports leaders in science, business and government in promoting a more sustainable, resilient, and equitable world.

How It Started

Since 1984, the Environmental & Energy Study Institute has been promoting the latest findings and science-based solutions for combating the major environmental challenges. From climate change to cleaner, more secure sustainable energy. EESI is a non-profit dedicated to creating a sustainable future for everyone.

From supporting coastal communities against extreme weather to assisting financial applications for clean energy projects, EESI is a trusted advocate in the US congress. Helping shape policies and political perspectives for over 30 years. Serving as a source of credible, non-partisan information on energy and environmental solutions.

How It's Going

Commitment to real impact & sustainable solutions

Clean Energy

Energy usage is one of the top contributors to carbon emissions and the causes of climate change. Advancing the transition from environmentally damaging energy sources to cheaper, cleaner, renewable sources is crucial. Supporting the new wave of low-cost, zero-emissions power will benefit both households and the environment. 

Ensuring a better, more sustainable energy future for all.

Coastal Resilience

The effects of climate change have caused havoc with coastal communities and areas affected heavily by extreme conditions. Supporting those affected most with reliable, affordable nature based solutions is vital. With programs enabling communities to withstand extreme weather events, minimizing the effect of potential volatility supports the resilience and well being of those likely to be impacted. The weather can’t be controlled, but initiatives to help those most vulnerable can help with damage limitation.

Sustainable Forest Biomass

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels can only be a good thing. Initiatives for alternative fuels in select industries like forest management can have a wide reaching impact on the local communities and the environment. With renewable energy and bio based products from woody biomass, improving forest health and reducing the intensity of forest fires. Filtering into the quality of trees turning carbon dioxide into clean, pure oxygen for the world’s population.

The Mission

Environmental & Energy Study Institute is a non-profit organization that connects decision-makers in the US congress with business leaders set on solving today’s most pressing environmental challenges with proven science-based solutions.

Want to get involved?

The Environmental & Energy Study Institute has projects that affect people within the US and globally. So whether you’ve been an advocate for change for years or simply looking for the right cause to support. Find out more about how you help and make a difference on the EESI website.