Be One With Art

Artgenik offers a wide range of artworks that showcase the skills and talents of some of the most talented artists today. Our collection includes many memorable and unique pieces, such as hip hop art prints, pop culture paintings, and street art canvas prints. So, if you are shopping around for the perfect hip hop canvas art or pop culture canvas art to enhance your home interior or gift to a special someone in your life, our collection of artworks is just what you are looking for. We are proud to say all of our art pieces are crafted by gifted artists from around the world who deserve to reach a wider audience.

Moreover, we strive to support every artist we collaborate with in order to allow them to continue with their creative processes but also to empower creativity around the world. Every purchase directly supports the artists because we share up to 50% profit of each piece sold with the artist.

Additionally, if you buy an artwork from us, 2% of the purchase price will be automatically donated out of our own pockets to be disbursed equally to our partnered charities to support environmental sustainability. You also have the option to find and support your own favorite cause. We hope these donations can create a positive impact in our society.

Spread the Love for Art

Do you need large canvas for living room ideas? Have you been searching high and low for a big canvas artwork to complete your master bedroom? When it comes to room decoration, finding the right artwork is crucial. Whether your choose a grand portrait or something urban and colorful like some street art canvas paintings depends on your taste and the aesthetic you want to achieve. Artgenik has a vast collection of unique and memorable artworks created by talented artists from different pats of the world, and we are confident we have something that will work for you. All of our artworks are suitable as home displays, gifts for special occasions, and valuable additions to any art enthusiast's collection. And for every purchase you make, we give 2% of the price to charity so that we can help lift the world up in our own small way.